They say people die alone! But I say ’till you die you’re not alone! It’s tough living because you’re not alone… but this hard life also makes you happy because you’re not alone…not the only one who’s having a hard time living life! Life is CRAZY! Life is…Beautiful!!^^


কেন এই পথচলা

…সম্মুখপানে… এক অচেনা গন্তব্যে… !


অবাক পৃথিবী… আমি তা জানি না!


সত্যি  বলছি!

…আমি জানি না!


তবে আমি জানি… সময় থেমে থাকে না !

ওই আকাশটা কে ছুঁয়ে নেমে আসা কৃষ্ণচূড়ার টকটকে লাল পাপড়িগুলো…

কিংবা, দিঘির জলে ছোট্ট নুড়ির তোলা আলতো  ঢেঊগুলো…

অথবা, প্রাণবন্ত আড্ডায় বন্ধুর ঝলমলে হাসির  প্রতিধ্বনি…

…হৃদয়ের স্পন্দনগুলো!


হয়তোবা আসবে সেই দিন …

…যখন এসব কিছু হয়তো হয়ে যাবে নিছক  স্মৃতি!

কিন্তু ভুলে কি যাব?


হয়তো বা…না!

হয়তো সত্যি ভুলব না!


এই ভোলা না ভোলার ছেলেখেলায় শুধু জেনেছি…

আমি সেই অদ্ভুত আত্মভোলা…

…আঁটকে আছি এক নিঃসীম বসন্তে!

…শুরু না হওয়া  এক রংহীন ফাগুনে!!


Why things seem so puzzling sometimes?! Sometimes I can take any decision just like a snap of my fingers! But sometimes it takes really long time for me to work out a solution! and it really hurts in those moments to know that I can’t do everything on my own…always!

Well…It’ll be a Herculean thought if I think…”I can do EVRYTHING I WANT”! But it gives a pleasure to fool my mind telling it that…”You can do it”…”It’s easy”…”You’re AWESOME” !

Sometimes It really makes me think that there’s a crazy split existing in my mind! Two totally opposite personality…A black faithful dominating one ‘n a tiny little colorful rebel one! That rebel one loves fighting…but most of the time that black one keeps this little obedient one on the tip of it’s sharp sword saying, “you can’t DO whatever you WANT”! Sometimes when this little rebel one wins a battle ‘n comes out…it becomes a sun shining happy day of being a happy little kid!!!

I can hear this black voice always telling me that Life is only just a side dish, it’s impossible to know absolutely everything! But sometimes I really want to ask that voice, “Then why are we so determined to overcome everything right to the end and seek perfection?!” I really wonder what that voice would answer me! ‘Cause as far as I can understand…”The thing only you can understand, I can’t tell..and the thing I can see but I can never really everything”!

In the end…I guess I still haven’t found a CONCLUSION! In this endless battle, most of the times sword keeps wining…but I can’t say that wits are the loser ones always!!!

আজ আমি উড়াল দেব…

কালো বায়সটার কাছ থেকে দুটো ডানা ধার নিয়েছি,

আজ আমি আকাশ ছোঁব।


পড়ে থাক এই নিঃস্ব শহর,

শহরের মানুষগুলো।

শূন্য ডাল ছড়িয়ে দাড়িয়ে থাকা ওই বয়স্ক গাছটা দেখে আর মন খারাপ হবে না…

শত মানুষের ভিড়ে হাটতে গিয়ে নিজেকে আর একা মনে হবে না…

মনটাকে আজ ছড়িয়ে দেব,

মনটা আমার বড় হবে…ওই আকাশটার মতো।


সত্যি বলছি…

আজ আমি উড়াল দেবো।

A clumsy girl’s morning song!

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Sounds

Today sun is shining so beautiful again

Your smile fills my day…

…even if it makes people melancholy for one day

but you make me feel lively…!

All these…

yes, all of these…

…can make me forget a day of troubles

It happens only

…only for you!!

As long as I’m with you…

as long as you are by my side…

I can do anything…

oh! yes, I can do!!

And I’ll never let it go

I’ll always be with you!!!

aaahhh…forget it love…whoever you are!! I was just kidding!!!

Another crazy question came into my mind today ‘n I really don’t know the answer.

“Does spring come because the flowers blossom or is it the flowers that blossom because spring comes?!”

Today I don’t know why but suddenly a question popped up in my mind ‘n I felt a sudden urge to ask somebody…anybody…for an answer.  So I tweeted it asking for answers.  All i wanted to know is…”when was the last time you wrote a friend a small letter…hugged someone for no reason…or smiled at a stranger”.  But I’m totally disappointed now seeing no reply!

Really?! I still can’t believe it! Really…people don’t need any direct emotional contracts anymore?! Are they really become this much absorbed with their cellphones, laptops, facebook or twitter (or whatever social networking sites they use) that they don’t really feel any need to send a small letter to a friend with little words of love anymore?! Sometimes I really feel human heart is starting to stop feeling “real feelings”…everybody is so absorbed with their so called modern technology based lifestyle, little things filled with emotion are disappearing everyday.

Nobody talks to a stranger anymore…they have their social-networking sites for that! “Smiling at a stranger…you gotta be kidding me?!”…yeah, thats what one will tell me if I try to tell them thats what I usually do while I’m walking on a footpath alone!! “Hugging someone…thats too childish…you should change your kiddy habits girl…or else no one will recognize you as an adult anymore!”…if you think you would tell me these words if I try to hug you then let me tell you…have you ever been hugged by anyone suddenly?…if that had happened before then tell me how it felt?! I bet you were surprised ‘n yeah, even though it was for a little while but you felt happy! I bet you felt happy!!

Why do you need to spend your whole day in a social networking site to find a little bit of solace for your heart when you can find it anywhere? Have you ever thought it’s all around you…you just never wanted to find it?!

Finally…a word of wisdom (someone had said it but I can’t remember who!)…”A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight”.

…and remember you were always winged…you just forgot!