My Itazura na Kareshi! ^~^*

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Lines

My pranky merry punk…

…aren’t you my Till Eulenspiegel?!

Bombing me now and then…

…causing all kinds of mischief and quickly running away?!

Thinking you’re gone…

…and there, you reappearing again!

Dragging me on my feet and turning me into a chicken?!


Here you are…

…and, there you are!

Happy you are…and, pranky you are…

Making me wanting to pray your death?!


So, yeah! I’ll be the one…

you’ll be caught…and killed, in the end!

Didn’t you know Till’s story is a NO-FUN one…

…your pranks gonna get caught in the end?!


…Times there are, I wanna strangle you…

and, suffocate you to death!

Just wait and see ‘til I catch you…

…I’ll love…Oh! I will love you!

I’ll love you and love you…


And, my love’ll remind you of one CRAZY-MERRY-DEATH!!! xP







Inserted Clip : Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks By Richard Strauss! ~



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