March 27, 2011

Posted: March 27, 2011 in alien's castle over purple clouds ~
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Why things seem so puzzling sometimes?! Sometimes I can take any decision just like a snap of my fingers! But sometimes it takes really long time for me to work out a solution! and it really hurts in those moments to know that I can’t do everything on my own…always!

Well…It’ll be a Herculean thought if I think…”I can do EVRYTHING I WANT”! But it gives a pleasure to fool my mind telling it that…”You can do it”…”It’s easy”…”You’re AWESOME” !

Sometimes It really makes me think that there’s a crazy split existing in my mind! Two totally opposite personality…A black faithful dominating one ‘n a tiny little colorful rebel one! That rebel one loves fighting…but most of the time that black one keeps this little obedient one on the tip of it’s sharp sword saying, “you can’t DO whatever you WANT”! Sometimes when this little rebel one wins a battle ‘n comes out…it becomes a sun shining happy day of being a happy little kid!!!

I can hear this black voice always telling me that Life is only just a side dish, it’s impossible to know absolutely everything! But sometimes I really want to ask that voice, “Then why are we so determined to overcome everything right to the end and seek perfection?!” I really wonder what that voice would answer me! ‘Cause as far as I can understand…”The thing only you can understand, I can’t tell..and the thing I can see but I can never really everything”!

In the end…I guess I still haven’t found a CONCLUSION! In this endless battle, most of the times sword keeps wining…but I can’t say that wits are the loser ones always!!!


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