November 20, 2010

Posted: November 20, 2010 in alien's castle over purple clouds ~

Today I don’t know why but suddenly a question popped up in my mind ‘n I felt a sudden urge to ask somebody…anybody…for an answer.  So I tweeted it asking for answers.  All i wanted to know is…”when was the last time you wrote a friend a small letter…hugged someone for no reason…or smiled at a stranger”.  But I’m totally disappointed now seeing no reply!

Really?! I still can’t believe it! Really…people don’t need any direct emotional contracts anymore?! Are they really become this much absorbed with their cellphones, laptops, facebook or twitter (or whatever social networking sites they use) that they don’t really feel any need to send a small letter to a friend with little words of love anymore?! Sometimes I really feel human heart is starting to stop feeling “real feelings”…everybody is so absorbed with their so called modern technology based lifestyle, little things filled with emotion are disappearing everyday.

Nobody talks to a stranger anymore…they have their social-networking sites for that! “Smiling at a stranger…you gotta be kidding me?!”…yeah, thats what one will tell me if I try to tell them thats what I usually do while I’m walking on a footpath alone!! “Hugging someone…thats too childish…you should change your kiddy habits girl…or else no one will recognize you as an adult anymore!”…if you think you would tell me these words if I try to hug you then let me tell you…have you ever been hugged by anyone suddenly?…if that had happened before then tell me how it felt?! I bet you were surprised ‘n yeah, even though it was for a little while but you felt happy! I bet you felt happy!!

Why do you need to spend your whole day in a social networking site to find a little bit of solace for your heart when you can find it anywhere? Have you ever thought it’s all around you…you just never wanted to find it?!

Finally…a word of wisdom (someone had said it but I can’t remember who!)…”A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight”.

…and remember you were always winged…you just forgot!


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