To make you HAPPY

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Lines

My Honey bee…

why will you hum around flowers again?

The bee who is happy now as he finally found his beloved flower to seat

…and taking a chest full of it’s fragrance!

Why will that one want to hum then?

Haven’t you already got your flower of love?!

Now, it’s your time to enjoy honey!

I’ll fly around you…I’ll hum your favorite lines

My wings will get tired

my eyes will feel thirsty

my chest will get dried!

But I’ll fly…. I’ll fly…to make you HAPPY!!

Its a poem that took only ten minutes to write…I donno how I wrote it so quickly…It just came in my mind ‘n I just wrote it up! So simple…isn’t it?! haha!!!”

  1. thanks for appreciating!! ^_^

  2. s_a_b_i_k says:

    it’s a beautiful poem…no kidding!!!

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